Due to the Prime Ministers announcement on Saturday all events from Thursday 5 November will be cancelled. please read for more details

Discovering the Northern Lights

7pm - 10pm

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7pm - 10pm

From £16 per person
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Ever since the first humans ventured to the polar regions and settled in the frozen lands, folklore and fairy tales have echoed the icy star filled skies. These civilisations nurtured an understanding of wildlife and the natural world around them, especially when night fell, for this was the time that the spirits flew into the skies and adorned the heavens, with shimmering greens, reds and violet hues. Stories of valour, and of pathways to heaven, filled the wondering minds of the young, as they stared with widening eyes at the Aurora Borealis.

Grassholme Observatory Begins

Over the last 18 months, a dedicated team at Northumbrian Water has worked closely with our Observatory astronomer, to develop …

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