Late Night Summertime Skies

11.30pm - 2.30am

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11.30pm - 2.30am
From £20 per person
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Warm balmy summer nights are a splendid time on the celestial calendar to enjoy the night sky. With true darkness eluding us we make the most of the beautiful skies here at Grassholme.

With those hues of blue and purple on the horizon we get to see the bright stars and faint objects as well as atmospheric phenomena such as Noctilucent clouds, shooting stars, and satellites high overhead.

The late-night astronomy events are a perfect time to enjoy this beautiful sight.

The event will begin with a personal welcome from our astronomer, Gary Fildes. Gary is a very experienced science communicator and astronomer, and founder of the Kielder Observatory, where he was Director and CEO for over 11 years.

After the welcome, Gary and the team will escort you into our new state-of-the-art classroom, which has a cosy feel, and high definition (HD) projection system. Gary will take you on a whistle-stop tour of the Universe. Following this, we will split into groups and, weather depending, start observing the sky, with our array of telescopes and cameras.

The Grassholme Observatory is situated under some of the darkest skies in the UK and benefits from minimal light pollution, with skies deep and inky black. From here, we can explore the vistas and star fields, with our advanced instruments and experienced astronomers.

After the observations have ended, we will snuggle back inside, with a hot drink, to view the stunning visuals, via our high definition (HD) projector, to visualise the jewels of the night sky.

A superb and intimate night.


Click book tickets for our calendar of available dates

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