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Let’s Explore the Universe

8:00pm - 11:00pm

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8:00pm - 11:00pm
From £16 per person
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We are all born with an innate sense that something else exists beyond our understanding, something so big and awe-inspiring, that it seduces thought.

  • Where did the Universe come from?
  • Why are we here?
  • How will the Universe end?
  • Did it have a beginning?

We may not be able to answer all of those questions, but from our Observatory, we can explore the ideas behind the evolution of the Universe and its effect on how we view the world through the scientific lens.

Then we will look at how our own human experiences shape our understanding, question what the current big questions are, and how can we better understand them. We will look at the evolution of the theories surrounding dark matter and dark energy, and how our Universe seems to be finely tuned for life to exist in it.

As well as all of that, and once we have caught our breath, we will venture into the star studded skies and explore the heavens from our state of the art Observatory,
and view cosmologically distant galaxies, perform experiments and marvel at the Universe in which we live! What a night…!

On moon filled nights, when the Moon can be observed, and is bright in the sky, there will be a reduced amount of stars visible, although there is still lots to see.

Family astronomy

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Due to popular demand we have laid on this exclusive event to educate the little ones on all things spacey! …

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