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Search for life and habitable worlds in the Universe

8.00pm - 11.00pm

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8.00pm - 11.00pm
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The oldest and most profound question “are we alone in the universe” is soon, some think, about to be answered.

Ever since humanity wandered the earth we have looked to the heavens with our eyes and brains and pondered the question of life in the universe. With the discovery seemingly now on a daily basis that earth-like planets are plentiful in the universe. then the potential for discovery grows daily.

Will it be microbial life on Mars, or something way more profound.

Professor Wallace Arthur, a science writer and evolutionary biologist, will host the talk as he takes us through some amazing science and discoveries, to better understand the current landscape, on its attempts to find life beyond the earth.

After the talk, you will be able to observe the night sky, the Milky way and deep-sky objects, but more importantly, the stars that have known planets orbiting them.

Family astronomy

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Due to popular demand we have laid on this exclusive event to educate the little ones on all things spacey! …

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