Summer Nights Star Walk

From 25/06/2023

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From 25/06/2023 Grassholme Observatory
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Summer Nights Star Walk

Summer Nights Star Walk, is an event with a difference.

These events are set up to take advantage of the wonderful dusky summer skies we have here at Grassholme Observatory. A stroll along the grassy banks of the reservoir with our astronomy team to take in some local historical information as well as the cosmic history we have overhead.

At a slow pace, we will wonder and map out the scale of the Solar System or the universe, or even both! whatever we decide it will be an amazing opportunity to meet the team for a gentle walk and get a lot of astronomy too!

Please wear suitable footwear

After which it’s back to the observatory for a chilled drink a sit-down and a great interactive presentation in our purpose-built classroom…that’s not all, because as night falls we observe stars constellations, and stars cluster and hunt out all manner of astronomical events like Noctilucent clouds, shooting stars and satellites overhead.

What a Night!


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