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Alternate Saturday evenings

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Alternate Saturday evenings
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An event for the whole family, during the middle of half term. What better way to get the kids into astronomy and science? We will hold interactive talks in the classroom and allow the children to see and touch rocks from space, known as meteorites.

What can you expect to see during your visit to Grassholme Observatory? 

Grassholme will provide a stunning interactive talk on kids’ astronomy and all things space in our purpose-built classroom. If the weather permits and there are clear skies, we will move outside under the night sky for stargazing ( weather permitting), allowing visitors to look through telescopes at the planets, stars, and wonders the universe has to offer. 

Through our telescopes, you will see the moon craters and planets in our solar system. You will also be able to see some star constellations from the Big Dipper and maybe even Orion ‘The Hunter’! How cool is that?

During your visit, you will have the opportunity to purchase snacks and warm up with a cup of hot chocolate. There will also be radiators available if needed.

Overall, this is a fantastic introduction to astronomy for kids and is the perfect opportunity to get the whole family involved and learn about the universe we live in under the dark skies of Grassholme.

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During the spring and summer months, it can stay light during the event – when this happens we can still see bright stars and scale out the solar system


Click book tickets for our calendar of available dates

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