Summertime Astronomy

from 8.30pm to 11.30 pm

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from 8.30pm to 11.30 pm
prices from £15
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Summertime heralds the changing skies in the Northern Hemisphere.

Gone are the inky black skies from our Northerly latitudes once festooned with the starfields of our Milky Way Galaxy.

Instead, as the warmer nights draw in, we have the beautiful and awe-inspiring Summer skies where the background hues of blues and golden sunsets, where only the brightest stars are visible. However, these summer skies are jaw-dropping, and the background of the nesting summer birds on the reservoir provides an unforgettable harmony of nature.

Clearly visible are the summer constellations as well as the faint glow from distant star clusters still resolvable through our telescopes. The Planets slowly make their presence felt and night draws in.

With shooting stars and atmospheric phenomena like the Noctilucent clouds making the occasional visit, a night with the summer skies at Grassholme Observatory is a must on your summer calendar.

With an interactive talk in the purpose-built classroom and the use of all of our 9 telescopes, you won’t regret summertime astronomy.


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