Moon and Planets Night

8:00pm - 11:00pm

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8:00pm - 11:00pm
From £18 per person
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The Moon – love it or not, without it we wouldn’t exist. It’s true to say that the story of our Moon is a tale of mystery, fairy tales and some, well, crazy thoughts too!

On arrival, your health and safety is our primary concern, and we have a comprehensive system in place to ensure that you have a wonderful, and safe, time with us. We have also specifically reduced attendee numbers, to assist us in our efforts to keep you safe.

The event will begin with a personal welcome from our astronomer, Gary Fildes. Gary is a very experienced science communicator and astronomer, and founder of the Kielder Observatory, where he was Director and CEO for over 11 years.

After the welcome, Gary and the team will help to unravel the mysteries of the Moon, which as our closest neighbour, can sometimes be viewed as a cold, lifeless environment.

Tonight, the Moon is at its half phase, which is the best time to observe it as our sun normally cast shadows on the surface. There will be time to view the mountain ranges and seas of dust on the surface, as never before, in stunning high definition resolution. We’ll be able to see the locations of the craters from the lunar expeditions of the heady Apollo days, when man first stepped on the surface.

As well as the observations and imaging that we will do, there’s practical elements that we can also do, and you will even get the chance to hold a piece of the Moon!

What a night!


Click book tickets for our calendar of available dates

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